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We Provide Solutions that Help You Fill the Gap by Taking Data-Driven Decisions

Access Your Last 5 or 10 Years of Data Instantly with a Single Click

Access Your Last 5 or 10 Years of Data, Instantly with a Single ClickEffortlessly retrieve your data from the past 5 or 10 years in just one click. We can provide you with the exact filter you need to fetch the proper data in seconds for quick decision-making.

Get Proper Alerts in Your System to Run Your Business EffectivelyReceive timely alerts in your system about customers, volume, weight, branch and country for enhanced business operations. This helps you to arrest your revenue leakages and save cost & time.

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Understand Your GP Variations in Just 10 ClicksGain timely insights into your gross profit, track monthly expectations, and monitor GP variations for informed decision-making. You can analyse them customer-wise, and branch-wise.

Discover the Power of BI solutions Yourself Explore our dashboard samples for a visual preview of our Business Intelligence solutions.

Why Choose Wise BI?

Deep Analysis

Dive deep into your data to uncover valuable insights and make smarter decisions effortlessly, preventing potential revenue leaks and more.

Plug and Play Dashboards

Get started instantly with dashboards that are as easy to use as your favorite plug-and-play device. No coding knowledge is needed!

All Reports in One Place

No more hunting for specific reports! Access all your essential information conveniently in one place, including various reports.

Easy & Quick Filtering

Filtering data has never been easier. You can filter the reports and data by year, country, and more for faster decision-making!

No Human Error

Bid farewell to error-prone human activities. Our automated processes ensure impeccable accuracy every time, avoiding costly mistakes.

Datadriven Decision Making

Our service provides insights and data visualization that help organizations make decisions based on real data rather than gut feeling.

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