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Our expertise in Tableau and PowerBI transform data into powerful insights, driving substantial revenue growth for your business.

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Volume and Job Count Analysis

Volume and Job Count Analysis

Unlock the Power of Data with Volume and Job Count Analysis.

  • Understand your operations’ volume, job count, transit summary, ocean summary & air summary.

  • Tailored reports that align with your business’s needs, such as ETA, ETD, ATA, and ATD.

  • Precision and reliability in data reporting, with meticulously structured & validated reports.

  • Foster smooth collaboration & communication among stakeholders, ensuring seamless operations.

Tradelane and Continental Analysis

Tradelane and Continental Analysis

Elevate Your Business Insights with Tradeline and Continental Analysis.

  • Elevate Your Business Insights with Tradelane and Continental Analysis

  • Unlock invaluable insights into top 5 trade lanes by volume, job count, and continent.

  • Get proper information on trade patterns, routes, and market dynamics.

  • Accurate data through our meticulous report structuring and validation process.

  • Seamless collaboration and communication is established among stakeholders.


Turn Numbers into Insights Transform raw data into actionable insights with our custom data visualization service. It’s more simplified now with our expertise. We convert complex spreadsheets into easy-to-understand dashboards, visual reports, charts, and various data representations.

Turn Numbers into Insights 1

Upgrade Your Decision-MakingElevate your decision-makers strategic capabilities by integrating data visualization tools into your critical systems' data like ERP, CRM, and HRMS. Empower your team to make data-driven decisions that drive business success. Thus, you can have increased revenue.

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Enhance Your Storytelling Our solutions are designed with a focus on the principles of data storytelling. We ensure that data interaction, sharing, and understanding are user-friendly and narrative-driven. You can submit all the reports in detail to your top management. This is completely in your control to decide and we are here to assist you in the right way.

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Risk Mitigation Mitigate potential risks with our comprehensive data visualization solutions, meaning proper reports and dashboards. We offer data-driven insights and strategies to identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively, safeguarding your business operations and reputation.

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Wise BI’s solutions to problems faced by our clients Check out how Wise BI effectively addresses our clients’ challenges & enhances decisions.


Pain Point

Wise BI’s Solution

Reports Download Efficiency

Multiple logins are required for extracting Job Profit reports; a time-consuming process hindering operational efficiency and productivity.

We offer centralized login integration that simplifies Job Profit report retrieval, boosting efficiency and accelerating workflow for enhanced productivity.

Group-level Reports

Users have to manually download job profit reports from multiple countries which can hinder efficiency and group-level analysis.

Our automated collation system simplifies the process, enabling seamless consolidation of job profit reports from various countries for efficient group-level analysis.

CargoWise Technical Expertise

Generally, users lack the necessary CargoWise technical skills to modify or add new fields to system reports and more.

We bridge the gap by providing training and support, enabling users to customize reports without extensive IT intervention independently.

Pass Through Charges

Unable to exclude Pass Through transactions in job profit reports which require manual intervention in charge code filters.

Wise BI introduces a customizable filter for seamless removal of Pass Through charges, simplifying the reporting process and enhancing efficiency.

Intercompany Transactions

Users must manually remove the intercompany transactions for accurate group-level job profit reports that can lead to errors.

We can automate intercompany transaction removal which will minimize errors, ensuring precise group-level job profit reporting with enhanced efficiency.


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The Shipment Analysis solutions provided by Wise BI have significantly improved our data accessibility and reporting capabilities. We can now track and analyze shipment data seamlessly.
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John Anderson
Director of Finance
Your expertise in shipment analysis and insights have helped us unlock valuable information about our shipments, allowing us to make informed decisions faster. Thanks.
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Sarah Mitchell

Better Analysis. Better Decisions.