How Wise BI Enhanced Shipment Visibility and BI Reporting for Astute


Astute is a well-established corporation that operates in the logistics industry and has faced a lot of challenges in providing its clients with BI reports and shipment visibility. As a result of these issues and to improve their company performance, Astute chose to collaborate with Wise BI to provide a solution.

With the help of Wise BI solution, we received real-time shipment tracking and solid BI reporting that increased our performance and transparency significantly. The clients are thus able to access information on their shipments and our internal teams get accurate and comprehensive reports.

Shipment Manager


Challenges Faced

Astute desired real-time visibility and shipment tracking for both internal and external users on its system. To properly use CargoWise One, they also required an internal and external business intelligence reporting solution. 

  • Lack of Real-Time Visibility: Clients and the internal teams of Astute faced challenges in gaining timely shipment data, and this inhibited their work.
  • Inadequate Reporting Tools: There was no system in place for performing BI reporting in an all-encompassing manner to derive an understanding of the shipment data that was needed.
  • Security Concerns: The control of shipment data and BI reports is a priority as they contain sensitive information.


Wise BI collaborated closely with Astute to develop a secure dashboard that addressed these challenges. The solution included several key components:

  1. Shipment Tracking and Visibility: Wise BI created a dashboard that displayed real-time shipment data and allowed users to track vessels through marine traffic. This dashboard provided a centralized platform for viewing and managing shipments, enhancing transparency and operational efficiency.
  2. Embedded BI Reporting: To address the need for comprehensive reporting, Wise BI embedded BI reporting tools into the dashboard. These tools enabled users to analyze CargoWise One data, generating detailed reports and visualizations to support decision-making processes.
  3. Secure Access: Security was a top priority in developing the dashboard. Wise BI implemented robust security measures to ensure that both internal and external users could access the dashboard securely. This included user authentication, role-based access controls, and data encryption.


These challenges were however effectively tackled by Wise BI when designing a secure dashboard in collaboration with Astute.

  1. Shipment Tracking and Visibility: Hence, Wise BI developed a dashboard where actual shipment information was shown and where users could track vessels using Marine Traffic. This portal enabled efficient and transparent viewing and management of shipments, greatly improving operational accessibility.
  2. Improved BI Reporting: To meet the comprehensive reporting requirement, Wise BI integrated BI reporting in the dashboard. These tools allowed users to work on the CargoWise One data to extract the necessary insights in the form of reports and enhanced visual aids to facilitate decision-making.
  3. Increased Operational Efficiency: To address these issues, Astute decided to centralize the shipment data and BI reporting in a secure dashboard, and this way it was able to simplify and shorten its processes drastically. The tracking and reporting functionality was beneficial for their teams as they were able to concentrate on more critical activities, and thus improve the general work productivity.
  4. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Through the real-time shipment visibility and generation of detailed BI reports and analytics their clients gained a higher level of visibility and control. Thus, they could monitor their shipments, analyze their performance, and receive consistent updates, increasing customer satisfaction and confidence levels.


Wise BI collaborated with Astute, and the organization implemented a change in shipment visibility and BI reporting concerns. Wise BI assisted Astute in improving business operations and customer happiness, as well as making executive choices, by installing a new secure dashboard for real-time tracking and analysis. The organization detailed in this case is an outstanding example of how advanced technologies must be applied to logistics management to achieve consistent development in an extremely competitive industry.

If you are having similar problems with shipment visibility and reporting at your logistics firm, please contact us to learn how our integrated tools can help you turn around. With our technical solutions, let us create a difference in terms of efficiency, visibility, and client happiness.

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