Wise BI’s success in implementing a revenue and volume analysis dashboard with Jiako


A global logistics firm called Jiako faced challenges in making sense of the distribution of the volume of material goods and revenue across regions. They required a full package to obtain the necessary information to assess their financial and activity results for making data-driven decisions.

The BI system that was implemented in our operations helped in consolidative data from various sources and more importantly real-time measurements. As a result, we recorded a considerable rise in our productivity and profitability levels through data-driven decisions. 

Operations Head


Challenges Faced

Fragmented Data Sources

  • Information was distributed across several applications and databases, which made it challenging to collate and analyze it.
  • There were several problems with data integration, so the various data platforms were not very efficient.
  • These breaks resulted in major issues in getting an integrated picture of operations.

Inconsistent Reporting Metrics

  • It was noted that there was inconsistency in the measures and approaches, hence differing reports from other departments.
  • Due to the lack of standard reporting procedures, the workers were bewildered and the decision-making process also suffered.
  • Some measures of performance contradicted each other and that was not good for performance appraisal.

Revenue Streams not Easily Observable

  • Lack of accurate identification of which routes or services were more profitable for the business.
  • This obscurity triggered problems such as failure to capitalize on revenue potential or cut operating costs.

Inaccurate Demand Forecasting

  • The fact that historical data and trends were not available influenced the aspects of demand prediction.
  • Market shifts and customers’ needs and expectations are not being met as effectively and promptly.
  • This was due to poor forecasting which resulted in either overstocking or stock out which affected the service levels and the profits.


To solve the problems related to data fragmentation and inconsistency in reporting, Wise BI introduced a business intelligence BI solution. Combining data from various sources, such as financial systems, shipment tracking, and customer databases, the implementation of a BI solution amalgamated all relevant information on a single platform. It allowed for the smooth flow of data and did not allow for the problem of data being spread across different sources in different departments within the organization.

Wise BI’s revenue and volume analysis dashboard allows users to view crucial financial and operational data in real time, boosting their understanding of revenue streams and shipment volumes. This way, they were able to perform a detailed revenue and volume check, determine the most profitable routes, and optimize resource usage. The other benefit, which was evident from the case, was the enhanced ability to forecast demand from customers by analyzing the real-time data that was available to the company. This solution, not only enhanced its operations but also led to the improvement of decision-making and strategic planning.


  • Revenue Insights: The BI solution helped Jiako to determine the best-performing routes and services and enhanced the revenue by 20%. It meant they could focus on high-margin businesses and cut costs on low-margin businesses.
  • Volume Distribution: Through the analysis of the shipment volumes, Jiako was able to increase the efficiency of using resources and decrease operational expenses by 10%. It helped them to determine periods of highest demand in order to optimize staff and vehicle usage.
  • Forecasting: Better historical data analysis led to a better demand forecast. They improved their control over stockouts and overstock conditions, thereby increasing overall customer satisfaction and inventory turnover.
  • Customer Segmentation: The revenue and volume analysis dashboard helped in identifying marketing strategies to be used and the services to offer based on customer behavior and needs. This in turn helped in raising the customer retention rates by 15 percent.


With the help of BI for the analysis of revenues and volumes, Jiako changed its work and achieved essential changes in profitability and productivity. The meaningful use of data helped them to remain relevant in the constantly shifting industry of logistics. This change underscores the importance of BI solutions in improving business functioning and planning.

If your company is facing similar issues with scattered data and disparate reporting, then it may be time to invest in a strong BI tool to fully optimize your business. Call us today to find out how our Wise BI solutions can deliver meaningful efficiency, profitability, and competitive advantage improvements.

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