How TuneOn increased customer analysis simplified by 70% by adapting the Wise BI solution


TuneOn is a leading marketing automation company that works with businesses of all kinds to create amazing brand journeys. TuneOn has helped over 4,000 businesses across the world strengthen customer relationships and produce value with cutting-edge software. TuneOn’s objective is to empower marketers with real-time insights that enable them to make quick and efficient strategic decisions.

TuneOn is pushing the boundaries while delivering more value to businesses. To speed innovation, we needed to break down barriers and build a solid basis for our data. Developing a sea of Data was critical in achieving these goals.

Product Manager


Challenges Faced

Over the past ten years, TurnOn’s journey has been nothing short of a data-driven revolution, led by its dedicated and determined solution supporters. Under their direction, the product design and creative team made it their mission to improve product capabilities and ensure customers can confidently use data to make important decisions.

It was challenging to gather insights early in the process since client data was widespread over several servers. TurnOn was unable to offer consumers improved KPI reporting in the absence of a “one source of solution” for effective data management. TuneOn remains resolute in its efforts to increase customers toward its products by transforming its data infrastructure.


TuneOn was not looking for any random embedded solution. They sought a solution that would provide consumers with an intuitive and captivating experience throughout the data exploration process. TuneOn decided on Wise BI Embedded after doing an extensive search. The integration of the Wise BI solution, which enables all client data to be converted into profitable business outcomes on a single platform, is an important advantage.

The TuneOn team was impressed by the BI dashboard implementation, particularly the analysis of customer data, which was previously chaotic but now works miracles because of the Wise BI solution. The primary goal of the Customer Analysis Dashboard is to give professionals with excellent insight into their data to support their business growth. The real-time dashboard includes tools for data visualization, and analytics, and empowers them to strengthen decision-making, customer service, and operations.


  • TuneOn introduced the Wise BI solution in September 2023. The company’s report consumption increased by over 70% in just 30 days, significantly surpassing its previous reporting practices.
  • TuneOn’s reports transformed from dynamic and constrained to dynamic and powerful, enabling users to filter data, examine detailed insights, compare performance, and increase efficiency and engagement. This was made possible by Wise BI’s customer analysis dashboard solution.
  • We used conventional performance reports, forms, and landing sites. We replaced those reports with Liveboards, which are equivalent and provide additional data. We can now easily and flexibly provide customers with more deliverability data and fast insights into both top-level and more detailed data.
  • Most importantly, the business increased client interaction as well. Advanced Analytics users are spending nearly twice as much time on the page because they can now do more with their data, ask questions, and get meaningful insights into their business.
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