How Wise BI Tailored Custom BI Development for WaveMagnet Logistics


Standard BI Falling Short: WaveMagnet Logistics faced limitations with the standard BI features provided by CargoWise. These features did not align with their specific data analysis and reporting needs.

Missed Customizations: The existing BI system within CargoWise lacked the flexibility for customizations, causing WaveMagnet Logistics to miss out on tailored data insights and reporting.

Operational Inefficiencies: The disconnect between the available BI features and the company’s unique requirements resulted in operational inefficiencies and hindered in-depth data analysis.


To address these challenges, WaveMagnet Logistics turned to Wise BI, a specialized BI solution provider for CargoWise users, for a customized BI development solution.


The impact of Wise BI’s solution on WaveMagnet Logistics was nothing short of transformational.

Customized Data Insights: WaveMagnet Logistics gained access to a suite of BI features tailored to their unique needs, enabling in-depth data analysis and data-driven decision-making.

Operational Efficiency: The tailored BI solution led to operational efficiency, with data analysis and reporting seamlessly integrated with the company’s unique operational processes.

Competitive Advantage: WaveMagnet Logistics leveraged custom BI development to make more informed and strategic decisions, giving them a competitive edge in the dynamic cargo and logistics sector.

Client Testimonial

Robert Eric, VP of Operations at WaveMagnet Logistics, shared his experience

“For our company, partnering with Wise BI changed everything. Their personalized business intelligence development not only improved our efficiency but also gave us the ability to use data to make smarter decisions. In our industry, we now have a considerable advantage over others.” 


Wise BI’s commitment to addressing WaveMagnet Logistics’ unique BI requirements within CargoWise resulted in a successful partnership. The tailored BI development not only enhanced operational efficiency but also enabled more effective data analysis, making WaveMagnet Logistics more competitive in the cargo and logistics sector.

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