Why do CargoWise Users Need a BI Platform?

The CargoWise has changed the logistics industry significantly through its comprehensive module that takes care of inventory, orders, customer relationships, and logistics operations.

Meanwhile, the business world witnessed the need for a fast-moving competitive environment because business has to adapt quickly to new trends hence, the need for data-driven decisions and actionable insights is now more urgent. This is where the sharing of the business intelligence (BI) platform between CargoWise users becomes most important.

Although CargoWise is developed from the perspective of a logistics business and it provides essential functionality to suit day-to-day operations, its reporting framework may not be enough for the need for complex analytics in a business situation today. Therefore, a BI platform should be considered as a tool that is deployed to facilitate an environment in which the user of CargoWise realize the highest peaks of their data till now.

Through adopting BI systems’ advanced analysis, visualization, and integration abilities, CargoWise’s users can observe the hidden opportunities within their processes, find the trends, and come up with better solutions that favor the company’s growth and operations.

Understanding CargoWise in a BI platform 

Understanding CargoWise through the perspective of a Business Intelligence (BI) platform proves essential for improving logistics operations and generating business success.

CargoWise, being an advanced logistics management software, collects a massive quantity of data on shipments, inventory, transactions, and more. However, simply gathering data is insufficient; companies must be able to properly evaluate and generate insights from this data in order to make informed choices and grow strategic objectives by converting it into a dashboard.

Integrating CargoWise with a BI platform expands its capabilities by giving additional analytical tools, data visualization techniques, and reporting features. By getting deeper insights, seeing trends, and making data-driven decisions, users of a CargoWise-based BI platform may realize the full potential of their data. With this integration, businesses can epitomize the logistics and supply chain field.

Furthermore, a CargoWise-based BI platform promotes cooperation and communication within the enterprise by offering a consolidated repository for data and insights. Decision-making processes are more aligned and collaborative when stakeholders from different departments can access and analyze the same data.

Businesses can be flexible, adapt, and see great profit in the ever-changing business landscape of today by using the combined capabilities of CargoWise and BI.

Limitations of CargoWise Reporting

Even though CargoWise reporting covers a lot, it has several drawbacks. One of the major ones is that it has trouble displaying data visually. Unlike several other programs designed specifically for this purpose, CargoWise lacks attractive graphics and user-friendly dashboards.

This can make the data difficult to grasp, particularly in complicated situations. So, even if all of the information is available, it may be more difficult to understand without those visuals without converting into a dashboard.

CargoWise also has limitations in terms of reporting formats and functionality. Unlike some other solutions, CargoWise reports frequently come with predefined templates and frameworks. This means that users can’t tailor reports to their own needs. On the other side, BI tools allow for greater customization of reports.

With this flexibility, customers can modify their data analysis to their own goals. It functions similarly to a custom strategy for identifying insights that are crucial to their line of business.

Another thing to consider is that CargoWise might struggle to connect smoothly with outside data sources. Even though it’s a central hub for managing logistics, it might not play well with other business systems. This means users might not be able to access all the data they need just from CargoWise.

On the other side, BI platforms are champs at integrating data. They can pull in info from all sorts of sources. By blending CargoWise data with data from various sources, users can get a fuller picture of what’s going on in their operations. And with more info at their fingertips, they can make smarter decisions.

Benefits of a BI platform for CargoWise users

There are numerous benefits of integrating a Business Intelligence (BI) platform with CargoWise, providing the users with improved capacities for data analysis and decision-making.

Enhanced Data Analysis and Insights: BI solutions offer CargoWise users advanced analytical tools and visualizations, allowing them to investigate trends, patterns, and irregularities in their data. Consumers can use these skills to find crucial insights that might otherwise be missed, allowing for more informed decision-making processes.

Improved Performance Monitoring:  By utilizing a BI platform, CargoWise users can easily monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) across all elements of their logistics operations. This makes it possible to solve problems proactively and improve performance by figuring out where things can be done better and taking care of possible problems before they become more serious.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Using BI systems, CargoWise users may make data-driven decisions about pricing, resource allocation, and overall business strategy. Users may efficiently reduce risks, maximize operational efficiency, and uncover development possibilities by evaluating data trends and patterns.

Improved Collaboration: The BI platform becomes a cornerstone in which data is collected and shared among the CargoWise supporters and customers. Through the feature of having one shared database for information, the BI platforms provide all stakeholders with correct and updated information, therefore, encouraging the organization to work together and in the same direction. This promotes a teamwork environment that leads to better coordination in achieving the same overall things and, ultimately, much greater effectiveness and productivity.


To sum up, the Business Intelligence (BI) platform integration with CargoWise lets logistic businesses take advantage of numerous options. It is like, data analysis is enhanced, and monitoring of performance goes up. This leads to insights, business process optimization, and improved business growth. Moreover, it creates a teamwork spirit within the businesses and good communication within leading to high productivity.

Dear CargoWise users, thinking about integrating the best BI platform today?

Explore Wise BI  we provide solutions that help you to make data-driven decisions in taking your business to the next level. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to change your business traditions. Start acting on this now and discover the power of your data with CargoWise and Wise BI systems!

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