How does Fleway use Wise BI to save time and carry more valuable work?


Fleway is a logistics company based in Canada. It makes significant contributions in the United States and Africa, and its key strength has been its ability to identify and apply the best tools and hire the greatest people in the supply chain area. This was also the case when they chose and implemented Wise BI to improve financial management in the business.

You can now rely on your data and the system, knowing that you only need to refresh the information.


Director, Fleway


Challenges Faced

  • Mario, the Director of Fleway, was looking for a dashboard to increase its revenue and volume analysis.
  • Mario had previously used different tools but was unable to locate a solution that met all of their profitable requirements. He was seeking an easy-to-manage platform with straightforward integrations.
  • A major issue they had with earlier tools was being at the mercy of support, which was extremely slow, and having to perform a lot of “fixing” and back-end work that diverted them away from value-added tasks, such as revenue-generating analysis.
  • Finally, his team spent too much time doing inspections to ensure appropriate revenue collection and data accuracy.


  • The Fleway director claims that after a simple integration and installation process, they were able to use Wise BI to get amazing results quickly and fairly.
  • Their staff could concentrate on additional value-added duties for operational growth with an interface that functions far more smoothly than it did previously.
  • With a Wise BI dashboard linked with all of their systems and providing a single source of truth, much of their data integrity risk was mitigated.
  • The visually appealing Wise BI makes it simple to make changes without the need for assistance or training.
  • Businesses will always benefit greatly from creating reports and dashboards, which is essential to their performance.


In the past, it was difficult for the company’s stakeholders to go further into the data to understand what was happening. They now have a wealth of information at their fingertips, allowing them to drill down into the details and obtain the information they require. They were able to complete more valuable work with the time saved by the ease of utilization. 

Visual and customizable data

The team learned a lot more by having the data displayed in the way they desired, with the ability to change and customize data as needed.

Visually appealing and customized dashboards assist firms in managing and running their operations smoothly and cost-effectively. It also saves them a significant amount of time when analyzing. With the simplest data solution, they can simply click refresh to have all of the data ready.

Less Manual work and more efficiency at Wise BI

They can now collaborate with those around them more productively. They used to spend a lot of time, effort, and energy on quality checks, manual labor, system modifications, and platform interactions. These tasks have been replaced with more thorough analytics and improved process enhancements.

Wise BI is actively attempting to develop its business expansion from a business goal perspective.

Wise BI is known to be able to manage it effortlessly. It gives us a lot of confidence in our growth trajectory because we’ve partnered with the ideal platform for growth.

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